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Adjustmints 20lbs
Adjustmints 20lbs
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Adjustmints 10lbs
Adjustmints 10lbs
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Adjustmints 3lbs
Adjustmints 3lbs
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Promote your Chiropractic Practice with Adjustmints

In any city of good size, there is always plenty of competition for chiropractic care.  If you’re a chiropractor, you’ve probably already noticed how fierce the competition is and how hard it can be to keep bringing patients back in.  On top of the competitive market, there are also a lot of patients who may not have good insurance or might have to pay out of pocket for your services, meaning that even people who really could use your care are opting out for financial reasons.  With all of these challenges, it’s no wonder a lot of practices are having a tough time.  It’s just a fact that in this tough market, it is vitally important for your practice to stand out.  Your patients need to feel the value of your services, not just in the improvements to their health, but also in the service and care they receive in every aspect of interactions with your practice.  Things like the voice of the receptionist, the simplicity of your paperwork, or the extra touches that make your service stand out from the rest, these are things that will keep the best chiropractors in business through these tough times.  The little extras are what do that for you, and our AdjustMints can help.

The Original Adjustmints

Our company offers the Original Adjustmints, high quality mints that are affordable and easy for you to offer to your patients.  Our Adjustment wrappers come with health-related sayings for your chiropractic business.  Don’t settle for a knock-off, lower quality mint!  We are the Original and it shows in our packaging and mint quality. 

Creating a Generous Atmosphere

When you have a bowl of Adjustmints for your patients to take as they please, it send the message that you care about them, and you’re in the business of making them feel comfortable and healthy.  Sparse waiting rooms without any little touches like a bowl of Adjustmints type of candies can make the patients feel as if you’re practice isn’t in the business  of treating patients, but actually in the business of getting their payment.  Having a small gift such as Adjustmints that they can enjoy while waiting or to save in their pocket for later, gives the impression that you truly want them to be comfortable and feel welcome in your office.  Some people will then share their Adjustmints with friends or family, spreading the word about your practice.    

The Rule of Reciprocity

Whether they consciously realize it or not, when the patient accepts an Adjustmint from you, they’ve become part of the universal unspoken “rule of reciprocity”.  The rule of reciprocity is a social rule that is practiced almost globally in every culture, it essentially says that if someone gives you something, you should return the favor and give something back to them.  It’s the driving force behind pretty much all marketing with free 


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