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ChiroCode Books

ChiroCode Books

Our ChiroCode books are designed specifically for Chiropractors.  From the ChiroCode Deskbook to the new ICD-10 book we have you covered.  

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ChiroCode Deskbook 2018
ChiroCode Deskbook 2018
Your Price: $149.00
On sale: $125.00
ChiroCode 2018 Editions
ChiroCode 2018 Editions
Your Price: $149.00
On sale: $125.00

Lead the Pack by being informed, Get your ChiroCode Deskbook Today

Compliance to industry standards is the paramount duty of every profession. These standards are used to judge the performance of each individual player in the industry as much as they are made to set an ideal level of performance for all to follow and respect.

Chiropractors are no exception to the rule and the industry has its own set of standards covering everything from basic practices to billing and chiropractic coding and reimbursement. Getting the hang of all the standards and rules may seem like a daunting task, but fear not! We’ve got you covered with the new ChiroCode Deskbook and the ChiroCode ICD-10 book.

The ChiroCode institute offers manuals on all things chiropractic. We house the 2014 Chirocode Deskbook that is your annual guide to chiropractic practices and guidelines. It includes topics such as diagnosis and procedure codes, billing and insurance, documentation, insurance, claims, appeals and many other topics related to chiropractic best practices. This ChiroCode Deskbook is the go to guide for all your chiropractic queries and discrepancies. We offer an exclusive Chirocode checklist with every ChiroCode Deskbook so that you know whether your business is up to date and ready to face today's coding, billing and recovery audit challenges or not.

We also offer the latest chiropractic chirocode ICD-10 code book. This manual will help you get a jump start in switching from the ICD-9 codes to ICD-10. Staying ahead of the curve is what gives any business the essential edge in the industry. So, don’t be a follower, get your hands on our chirocode books and lead the pack.

The manual includes instructions on understanding the codes to transition maps, code lists and reference index. All this information is custom designed for the chiropractic business and aims at improving your knowledge and skill set.

These books are exclusively available at our website, ready for shipping. Don’t make progress wait, order your copy now. 


Don't Be Left Behind by ICD-10, Order your ChiroCode ICD-10 DeskBook Today 

 No matter your profession, it pays to stay up to date on all things relating to standards and compliance.  Soon there will be a switch from the traditional ICD-9 codes to the new ICD-10 codes.  Luckily ChiroCode Books have come out with a manual that is designed to help you make that transition and it is specifically designed for the chiropractic profession. You can purchase the new ChiroCode deskbook by clicking here.  

Why should I buy the ChiroCode ICD-10 Coding Book & why is it Important?

 There is nothing more important than protecting your clinic by making sure you are up to date on all things compliance related. The ICD-10 Coding For Chiropractic will benefit your practice greatly by providing a jump-start before the changeover begins.  The booklet includes several considerable changes between the ICD-9 and the ICD-10, including tips on how to make the transition.  Finally, the ICD-10 includes a comprehensive guide designed to help you fully understand the new system.  As a result, the ICD-10 ChiroCode book will become an important tool as the healthcare industry makes the transition. 

 What does the ChiroCode ICD-10 Improve Upon

 The ICD-10 will help to bring your practice up to date.  It does this by targeting and revising the basic tenants of ICD-9, including the standards for reimbursement, coding, and compliance.  As a result, it expands upon the 9 books in 1 feature of the ICD-9, targeting changes in practice management, insurance, reimbursement, Medicare, documentation, claims and appeals, compliance and audit protection, procedure codes, diagnosis codes, and supply codes. 

 So then, What Does the ChiroCode ICD-10 Include?

 1.  Understanding ICD-10 Codes

Tips on how to comprehend the new coding.

 2.  ICD-9 to ICD-10 Code Transition Map

 Informative maps that will assist you in the transition between ICD-9 and ICD-10.

 3.  Code List for Chiropractic

 Tool designed specifically for Chiropractors   

 4.  ICD-10-CM Guidelines

 Helpful section that will discuss what changed and what has stayed the same.

 5.  Quick Reference Index

 Helpful cheat sheet to make the change easier.


 So order your ChiroCode ICD-10 Coding book today and stay ahead of the system.


ChiroCode ICD-10 Deskbook


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