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InTENsity Professional 4 Channel Combo Machine + 80 Free Electrodes + 1 Free 5L Ultrasound

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InTENsity Professional 4 Channel Combo Machine  + 80 Free Electrodes + 1 Free 5L Ultrasound
EX4 InTENsity Professional Unit
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InTENSity™ CX4

The InTENSity™ CX4 is an advanced combination four-channel electrotherapy and ultrasound system offering the practitioner a wide range of treatment options in one user-friendly, ergonomic design.

Equipped with a menu-driven color screen touch interface that intuitively groups and displays clinical protocols, guiding clinicians step-by-step to ensure the ideal therapeutic treatment.
•Electrotherapy waveform rationale
•Appropriate parameter settings
•Electrode placement guide
•Ultrasound applicator recommendations

A few simple key presses are all that is needed to quick-start a treatment. Parameters can be easily selected and adjusted. Clinicians can choose to use preset clinical protocols or customize their own. The “favorites” feature allows user-defined protocols to be stored for future use.

The four electrotherapy channels can be used in combination with ultrasound or totally independent with different protocols running simultaneously. The ergonomically designed 5 cm² sound head provides for an excellent ERA.

Waveforms include:
  • Interferential Stimulation Premodulated (2 Pole IFC)
  • Interferential Stimulation Traditional (4 Pole IFC)
  • Biphasic (TENS)
  • Neuromuscular Stimulation (NMS)
  • Russian Stimulation
  • High Volt Pulsed Current
  • Microcurrent

In addition, the InTENSity™ CX4 offers a comprehensive library with treatment education and suggested electrode placement for better treatment outcome and improved clinic efficiency.
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