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BackTrac Massager

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Upper Body Massage
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BackTrac Massager

Introducing the BackTrac Massager the all-in-one device that provides 5 therapies all at once.  
  1. Massage
  2. Acupressure
  3. Joint Mobility
  4. Mild Spinal Traction
  5. Exercise
Custom Personalization (Free of Charge)

Patients are encouraged to call their Chiropractor for examination and treatment of any back or neck pain that is not relieved with simple home treatment within 2 days. Personalization is available for Doctors or Clinics including a phone number placed on each BackTrac

How to Use:

Just place it on the floor and lie down on your back to enjoy the incredible sensation of 34 rollers, each the perfect firmness, pressing into sore, tight muscles. This acupressure effect quickly melts the tension and tight trigger points from back and neck muscles.

 After just lying still on the BackTrac for several minutes its time to enjoy a stimulating massage. Simply use your legs to easily roll a few inches back and forth across the rollers. You won't believe all the sore spots it finds that you didn't even realize were there!

 By allowing your head to roll gently back over the neck rollers, while not quite touching the floor, your head will supply enough weight to gently traction the spine. At the same time you are enjoying a great massage, you may also notice motion through your spinal joints.

 As a final benefit that you won't even notice, your hip flexors, abs, and hip extensors are getting a workout. By lifting your head and rolling the neck rollers down into your mid back, you'll feel a great deep rub into the upper and mid back while contracting the upper abdominal muscles.

 No other massager provides all of these therapies at home, at once, in one simple to use device.

This ingenious device was developed and patented by David Vitko, D.C.  

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