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Compliance Manuals, Forms and Tools with audit set for self- assessment (CD)

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For Small Offices with 1-14 employees ONLY (not for offices of 15 or more)

~ We've done the work for you - Ready to customize, print and implement! 

  • Includes Complete Compliance Manuals, with 80+ Forms, Tools and Audit Set 
  • Immediate download in easy-to-use pdf format
  • Field Generator within pdf document makes customization a breeze
  • Answer a series of questions, and the documents auto fill all fields
  • Step-by-step instructions 
  • Everything is included - taking the guesswork out of meeting compliance regulations
  • Inexpensive total solution let's you skip the consultant, and skip the monthy fees.
  • Plus, you'll receive a 1 year subscription to our quarterly newsletter with updates and agendas to keep your practice on schedule.
~ OCCM provides this full set of tools and resources for you to create ALL required compliance manuals (not just HIPAA), and policy and procedures to create a customized:   
  1. Operations Management and Administration Manual
  2. Compliance Manual
  3. Human Resources Management Manual
  4. Safety Manual
  5. Facility Program Launch and  Audit Log

~ OCCM provides 80+ ready-to-customize practice forms, Business Associate Agreements to Patient Privacy

In addition to the required manuals and forms, PPACA also requires your practice to perform regular self-audits of compliance, and be able to document it when you're audited.

~ OCCM also includes the OCCM Audit Set for Self-Assessment is a full set of office tools for auditing including:

  1. Billing Review Audits
  2. Investigative Audits
  3. Research Billing Compliance Audits
  4. HIPAA Compliance Audits
  5. Medicare File/Treatment Note Audit  

The OCCM practice compliance materials were created by a chiropractor for small practices, not by an attorney for a hospital or generic use.  They are designed to be implemented in a step-by-step process that doesn’t overwhelm staff with a huge amount of new work. 

Plus, with the OCCM practice compliance manuals in place, your office will likely be more efficient, more organized and more profitable.

  • Improved professional image of the practice
  • Less risk of legal action by patients or employees
  • Safeguards against lawsuits built into the program
  • Being compliant and protecting your assets
  • Less worries leads to a happier staff and doctor
PPACA's new rules "Protect Patients" when they see a healthcare provider.  There are serious consequences for failing to comply. “I didn’t know” = “willful ignorance” and may come with potential fines of $150,000 fine for each problem, up to $1.5 million. 

Your practice is required to have an organized compliance program and must be prepared to document it when you're audited.  This a REQUIREMENT for every chiropractic office whether your focus is personal pay, insurance, medicare or PI. Applies to every office, whether you're a staff of 1, or a staff of 14!

The ObamaCare Compliance Manual (OCCM) is your template for PPACA compliance, and has the added benefit of building a practice manual to help your business run better.  Written by Dr. Don Cross, OCCM is designed to systematically create an individualized manual, and then train your team to implement required processes.  

No need to hire an outside “specialist” to come in and “make” you compliant.  You and your staff can do this! 

“In my office, we have my associate, my office manager and my CA. That’s all. We did this and you can too! No matter how small your practice is.”  (Actually they did it, I just provided this program.) Dr. Don Cross 

Question: I am purchasing this $499 set, do I need the other $129 product on this website?  
Answer: No, everything is included with this product.

Note: Purchase includes a Single User License (you may use the program in a single office that you own). Software comes with an individual software license password. 

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*Binders in picture are not included.

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After purchasing the manuals set, Watch the video to see how to get started

Due to the electronic nature of the product, returns will not be accepted, and refunds will not be offered.  Exchanges will be allowed only to replace faulty media. 

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