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Dynamic Tape (Biomechanical Taping)
Dynamic Tape (Biomechanical Taping)

Dynamic Tape (Biomechanical Taping)

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What is Dynamic Tape®?

Dynamic Tape is a revolution in biomechanical taping. It is

designed to: Manage load. Manage movement patterns. Manage function. The aims

and therefore the properties of the tape are completely different to

kinesiology tapes and rigid athletic tapes. Very strong elastic resistance and

recoil combined with 200% stretch and 4-way stretch allow taping in a way that

can resist and decelerate, store energy and then assist motion without limiting

range of movement essential for athletic performance or ADLs. 

As illustrated in the picture, Dynamic Tape is capable of generating 10-15kg of resistance

through range with only a small amount of stretch on the tape. Kinesiology tapes 

only register significant resistance when they reach the rigid endpoint at maximum stretch. 

Originally developed to provide solutions in sports medicine, it is now becoming an essential 

tool for clinicians of all disciplines.

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