We received so many responses from the last email that we sent out about the “1 Tip that will help you sell more pillows and leave your patients more satisfied,” (if you missed it you can view it by clicking HERE) that we decided we would keep it up, and give you another tip that rapidly increases sales on a particular product and creates raving fans among your patients. We actually had one clinic that purchased this product at a show on Sunday, and called me on Monday because they had already sold the whole case in one day.

    I will get to that tip, but first, I want to back up a few years. We had received this product from Core Products several years back, and it seemed interesting, but we had no idea of its potential. I am ashamed to say that I don’t think we sold a single one the first year, or so.

    Looking back, I am not sure how we really expected to sell ANY, because it sat in the back of the warehouse, it wasn’t featured in the catalog, had no exposure online, and we didn’t take it to one single tradeshow. It pretty much compares to owning a retail shop, and putting all of the merchandise in a closet with closed doors, and never opening them for your customers.

    As you probably know, sometimes we are so wrapped up in the day-to-day, and how we have been doing things for so long, that we forget to innovate, and look at ways we can improve our lives, and the lives of the customers/patients we serve.

    If you are already using this item in your office, and have heard this story, you know the item I am talking about is the Omni Massage Roller. After a couple of years of this item sitting in the back of the warehouse, we finally had the notion to take it to a show, and try it out, figuring if nothing else, we could use it to massage our shoulders when the doctors and staff were in class.

    What happened next was completely unexpected, and continues to work for both us, and our clients who purchase the rollers for their clinics. As the DCs and staff were walking around the different booths, we would take a roller and massage around their trapezius muscles, as well as along their shoulders.

    Most people didn’t want us to stop, and simply were in awe of how amazing that little roller felt. We then would have them try it on us, so they knew how to operate it once they had it in their clinics.

The great thing about this roller is:

• Incredibly effective, and easy on the hands
• Durable and easily cleaned (you can just use a pen to pop the roller out)
• Can be combined with analgesics, such as Biofreeze and Sombra 

Watch Video Below to see how to use Analgesics with the Omni Massage Roller


• Affordable for your patients (Most DCs sell it for $20)
• Great retail item, that can be easily implemented into your routine

So, if you read the email a week or so ago, regarding the pillows, you may remember me talking about the best products to carry in your office, which are:

• Products you believe in
• Products that are easily implemented into your daily protocols
• Products that can be easily displayed

If you try the roller out I know you will believe in it. I mean who doesn’t like a massage?

So, how do you implement it into your protocols?

    Well that is easy. When you buy a case of the rollers, you will receive 12 rollers, and a nice display box with pamphlets, that works perfectly on your check-in counter, or if you have a retail kiosk, somewhere in the office. Once you receive your rollers, you should put one in each of the treatment rooms.

This will accomplish two things:

1. You can use the roller on the patient, pre or post adjustment, to help loosen them up and raise their level of satisfaction with your care.
2. You create a sense of scarcity, and a sense of community. People always want something more, if they think there is a limited amount of it. Also, they perceive it as being a hot item, so they feel like they better get one before they all run out.
        a. If you question this, you should check out this article that was written about De Beers, and how they revolutionized the diamond industry. You can view it by clicking here.
Sorry sometimes I digress.

    To help you get started with the omni rollers, we are going to be offering the Buy 11, Get 1 Free for a limited time. You will receive 12 rollers, pamphlets, and a nice retail display box, when you purchase the case. Also, if you go with two cases you will receive free shipping as well. This deal will not last forever so make sure you take advantage today.

To Your Success,

Joshua Walker