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Good Morning Pillow

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The Good Morning Pillow

This pillow helps relieve stress upon the neck and shoulder.

The Good Morning Pillow is a one of a kind, fully customizable pillow. It can be adjusted three ways thickness, firmness and coolness.

            - The 5 layers allows the thickness of the pillow to be 

           set perfectly for everyone. Included (3 gel foam layers  

           1/2”- 3/4”- 1”, 2 memory foam layers 1”- 1 1/4” )

           The adjustable layers ensures the neck is in a perfect 

           neutral sleep position.

            - The unique shape allows the shoulder to rest without

           pressure, reducing morning shoulder pain.

            - The 2 types of foam allows the temperature to be 

           adjusted for the correct sleep climate.

We suggest that you adjust your Good Morning Pillow to meet your exact individual needs. Once you have established the correct height and firmness put a pillow case on and get a GREAT nights sleep. 

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