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Lifestep DoctorInsole Unisex
Lifestep DoctorInsole Unisex

Lifestep DoctorInsole Unisex

SKU:: Lifestep Unisex
Orthotic Grade Insoles
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The LifeStep is the orthotic insole that started it all. This orthotic insole is especially designed with comfort and stability in mind. It features a layer of extra padding and is made to fit in a variety of shoes, so that you can focus on the everyday activities you love most -- and go that extra mile.

  • Designed for wider uniform shoes or work boots
  • Top cover contours to the foot, providing lasting comfort and increased shock absorption
  • Poly-grade shell allows for optimal arch support and maximum control, helping redistribute pressure and restore natural alignment of feet and legs
  • Bottom cover provides additional shock absorption and proper shoe fit

Size Information:

  • Men's 4 / Women's 6
  • Men's 5 / Women's 7
  • Men's 6 / Women's 8
  • Men's 7 / Women's 9
  • Men's 8 / Women's 10
  • Men's 9 / Women's 11
  • Men's 10 / Women's 12
  • Men's 11 / Women's 13
  • Men's 12 / Women's 14
  • Men's 13 / Women's 15
  • Men's 14 / Women's 16
  • Men's 15 / Women's 17

Great for:


Q. What is the expected life of a DoctorInsole® product?

A. Exactly how long your DoctorInsoles last depends on the amount of wear and care of the orthotic insoles. If used under normal conditions, the orthotics insoles should last 6 months or longer. The life of the product will vary due to amount of use, foot conditions, activity levels, etc. All DoctorInsole products are designed using the highest quality materials that are medically consistent with custom orthotics.


Q. When should I replace my orthotic insoles?

A. We recommend replacing your orthotic insoles when you begin to notice a decrease in comfort or support. The life of the product can be affected in ways such as activity, usage and foot structure, but under normal, casual wear, your DoctorInsoles should last 6 months or longer. If you’re training for marathons with your insoles, they should be switched when you purchase a new pair of shoes. According to the American Academy of Podiatric Sports Medicine, you should replace running shoes after 300-500 miles of use. Similarly, we suggest to replace your insoles after 300-500 miles of use as well.


Q. What is DoctorInsole® Customer Satisfaction Guarantee?

A. We stand behind our products and always guarantee them to be free of defects in materials and workmanship. DoctorInsole will replace or provide a credit for any product proven to be defective based on proper use and reasonable time frame. We guarantee the poly-shell of our insoles against breakage for one year under normal conditions, and are happy to replace any product to ensure complete customer satisfaction.  If you purchased the item from doctorinsole.com, please contact customer service at (424) 274-4661.


Q. Can my DoctorInsoles be transferred from shoe to shoe?

A. We suggest initially keeping the orthotic insole in the original shoe while it conforms to your foot. If you choose to transfer it to another shoe, we suggest it be a similar style of shoe (for instance, if you’re using the FitStep™ in a sneaker, transfer it to another type of sneaker or running shoe). To maintain complete function and product life of the orthotic insoles, we suggest having a pair of DoctorInsoles for each pair of your shoes.


Q. Which style of DoctorInsole® is recommended for running shoes 

A. We recommend the FitStep™ for high impact activities such as running. The FitStep orthotic insoles are full length with memory foam that offers a custom-like fit and a shock absorbing EVA foam top cover that provides forefoot and rear foot corrective comfort. The shell is designed to offload pressures from sensitive areas of the foot due to impact. If using the FitStep, please remove your shoe’s insole first, and replace it with the FitStep.


Q. How do I use DoctorInsole® orthotic insoles?

A. Use DoctorInsole orthotics as needed for support, correction and pain relief. If you are not accustomed to wearing orthotic insoles, it may be necessary to “break them in”. Wear your orthotic insoles for up to one hour the first day, two hours the second day, three hours the third day, etc. You may wear them more if comfortable.


Q. How do I care for my DoctorInsoles?

A. Spot clean with a mild detergent. Do not immerse in water. Air dry and ensure they are fully dry before inserting back into shoes. 


Q. Can I trim my orthotics?

A. Our insoles are constructed to fit your regular shoe size, which will provide proper fit to your shoe. Should trimming be required, our products can be trimmed to fit your shoe. Use your shoe’s insole as a guide for trimming for the most accurate fit. If you typically are an in-between size, be sure to size up.


Q: What types of foot issues does DoctorInsole® help correct?

A: DoctorInsole helps with common foot issues such as pronation (feet turning inwards while walking), plantar fasciitis, or just really tired feet. Some of the immediate benefits of DoctorInsole, as it continues to advance the science of foot care, are: 

  • Balance correction when walking
  • Avoidance of shin splints
  • Ankle stabilization 
  • Relief of Plantar Fasciitis (most common condition DoctorInsoles treat)
  • Relief of Neuroma 
  • Prevention of bunions from forming or worsening
  • Lessening of painful arthritic joints


Q. How do I know if my foot health is improving?

A. You will be able to feel a difference in your feet, legs, and back after just a couple of days. If any pain persists, please contact your physician.


Q. Are DoctorInsoles doctor-backed?

A. Yes! We are doctor-designed and have the endorsement of doctors across the globe. Stay tuned to see some clinical studies of our product in the months to come.


Q. What does it mean that DoctorInsole® is patent-protected?

A. It simply means that we’ve created a new shape of insoles that can’t be repeated by any of our current or potential competitors. It also means our insoles are one of a kind – so you’re getting the best for an affordable price.


Q. The DoctorInsoles I purchased aren’t working for me. Can I return them?

A. If you are not completely satisfied with your DoctorInsole product, please return to the place of purchase for return or exchange. If you purchased your product from doctorinsole.com, please contact Customer Service at (424) 274-4661 for further instruction. Returned freight charges are not reimbursed or credited.

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