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Posture Pump Combo/PentaVec

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Cervical Spine Trainer: Patented Breakthrough in Corrective-Home-Care. Expands, Shapes and Molds From Within the Lordotic Concavity. Employs Pressure-Over-Time.

Elliptical Black Rocker: Dual Vectored Cells Separate Thoraco-Lumbar/Lumbo-Sacral Joints Into Their Natural Elliptical Configuration.

PentaVec: Place lower spine under the EED (Expanding Ellipsoidal Decompression.) The lumbosacral region is gently yet powerfully translated along the y-axis. Simultaneously, the region is rotated and unwound on the x-axis.
Unique blend of five simultaneous force vectors that can not be manually duplicated.
Lifts and expands the lumbar spine while the sacrum and pelvis are rotated up and translated away.

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