Practice Tip

Prior to beginning, a wholesale chiropractic supply business, I had been in practice for 15 years.  Although it has been nearly 30 years since I began practice, I can still remember the early stages of practice.  

In my first year of practice, I remember a particular patient I was very concerned about.  That is not to say, that we are concerned about all of our patients, but this particular person’s condition was puzzling and warranted particular attention.  As luck would have it, this patient was seen late on a Friday afternoon and I was scheduled to be out of town for the weekend. Had I been in town, I would have scheduled them for Saturday.  After their first adjustment, I gave them a business card with my home number and pager number written on the back, just in case they needed to reach me.  

I can still remember the surprise on their face, when I provided them a “personal” way to reach me.  From that point forth, I always gave my new patients my pager number and in later years my cell phone number.  I can remember several occasions when a new patient would utilize a friend’s card to reach me.  

Quite frankly I don’t ever remember this procedure being abused and it probably did more to solidify my relationship with my patients than I will ever know.  On many occasions, I had a patient call me years later from referencing this information that they kept in their wallet or purse.  It is amazing how the smallest things we do to connect to our patients can have such a huge impact.  I encourage you to test this simple act of kindness out with your new patients and notice the surprise on their faces.