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Prevent the Hump with Posture Pump® and Avoid Stooped Posture as You Age 

BUY 4 at $124 each and get 1 Free

·  Decreases Disc Bulging & Subarachnoid Indentations at MRI Proven** Resorption Pressure Levels

·  Addresses AP and Lateral Postural Aberrations

·  Applies Adjustable Mid-Vectored Linear Decompression to Upper Thoracic Humps

·  Relieves Painful Neck and Upper Back Stiffness, Headaches and Fatigue

·  Decompresses & Hydrates Cervical Discs

·  Shapes & Restores the Cervical Curve

·  Reduces and Corrects Forward Head, Neck and Upper Back (Hump) Posture

·  Improves Flexibility and Ranges of Motion

·  Lightweight, Easy to Operate & Travel With

·  Made in the USA & Built to Last

(Adjustable dual air cells work neck and upper back-extra strength) Fitted by healthcare professionals. Our most advanced cervical model. Upgraded from the Model 1400-D to perform lateral flexion decompression. Dual adjustable EED® air cells* allow simultaneous postural correction in the AP and Lateral Planes. Rotating Wedge Component (RWC) allows practitioners to decompress the upper thoracic spine unilaterally on a (–Y/+Z) mid vector while the cervical spine is under lordotic decompression (EED®). In the neutral position (RWC) provides increased mid-vectored linear decompression to the upper thoracic hyper-kyphotic (hump) region. New Comfort Visor™ gently molds to the shape of the forehead (no chin or jaw contact). Does not hyper-extend the neck. Decompresses & hydrates discs at MRI Proven** bulge resorption pressure levels while shaping & restoring the cervical curve. Versatile, powerful and comfortable. Scoligon® provides corrective deep relief for AP and Lateral postural aberrations.

*Expanding Ellipsoidal Decompression (EED®) **Extra strength models operate at pressure levels proven by Neurosurgeon & Researcher, C. Norman Shealy, M.D., Ph.D., to reduce disc bulges and subarachnoid indentations in two IRB Approved MRI Studies.

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