1. Sidmar Full body Massager
Sidmar Full body Massager
Sidmar FB200

Sidmar Full body Massager

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Designed to operate on a 220 volt outlet, this model allows you to choose to massage your back, your legs, alternating every 15, 30 or 60 seconds or full body simultaneously.

Table normally ships for around $500 


Product Description

RejuvaWave FB100 and FB200 full body hydromassage tables use seven unique, patented, stainless steel hydrotherapy jets to produce a penetrating massage that works deeper and deeper into the soft tissues the longer you stay on the table. The randomness of the independently rotating jets enhances the massage and helps the body relax more deeply. An electronic timer controls the session length and a massage zone selector allows you control which part of your body gets massaged. The options are back, legs, alternate every 15, 30 or 60 seconds and a full body continuous option on the FB200 model. The jets massage the entire body from head to toe. You can control the pressure of the back jets independently of the leg jets. You can lay on your back, side or face down. Massage whatever needs relief!


Product Details

Grab bar makes getting on and off very easy

Intuitive controls require no training

Flexible control shaft allows infinite positioning for people of varying heights and sight abilities

Selectable full body, back, leg or alternating massage – adjustable during treatment

Wide range of pressures to suit every need from gentle and soothing to powerful and invigorating

Soft starting and soft stopping makes for a very relaxing experience

Massage every part of the body by simply changing position on the table

Quiet operation – fits well in a soothing environment

Easy disinfecting between patients, just spray and wipe

Electronic timer remembers the last treatment setting – adjustable to 99 minutes

Unique cervical jet position delivers a powerfully effective neck massage

Head remains stable improving comfort for people affected by vertigo or dizziness

Laying on a water-filled mattress results in excellent heat transfer

Lockable 4” casters make it very easy to move the table

Adjustable temperature - 70° F to 107° F

Removable side panels allow access to all internal parts without draining the water

Built-in radiators keep water from over-heating during continual use

Patented, stainless steel hydro-jets are strong and produce the best water flow in the industry

Least maintenance of any brand – no semi-annual draining or cleaning ever required

Very inexpensive to operate – only pennies per treatment

Lowest total cost of ownership of any full body hydromassage table made

80" L x 32.5" W x 29" H

220 volt, 14 amp

Weight: 300 lbs without water and 650 lbs filled with 42 gallons of distilled water
The sides of the table are upholstered in a high performance vinyl that is easy to clean and very durable. It has a finish treatment of Resilience SR which adds anti-bacterial, anti-microbial and mildew resistance.

One-year parts warranty

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