It is that time of year again!  It’s the time when the weather starts to cool off (hasn’t happened yet but hopefully soon), kids start school, pumpkin spice lattes return to coffee shops everywhere, and Biofreeze is having their semi-annual sale.


Instead of just sending you a reminder of the special (which I am sure you have received from every vendor from here to Timbuktu), I thought I would give you some tips, protocols, and resources you can use in your clinic to help you sell Biofreeze or other analgesics.


Six Tips to Sell More Biofreeze With Less Work

1.      Clearly Marked Price Signs

a.      If you don’t have prices on items people will think they are too expensive to buy.  When you go into a store and there aren’t price signs what do you automatically assume?  That the product is too expensive!

2.      Use Display Boxes

a.      Biofreeze provides displays for all of their patient sizes so make sure you take advantage of FREE displays.  If people don’t see the product they can’t buy it.

3.      Use it on Patients

a.      The clients that we have that sell a lot of Biofreeze implement it into their daily protocols.  They use it on some of the difficult spots and have often couple it with the use of the omni roller.  You can view the How-to Video and Article Here

4.      Take Advantage of Free Samples & Free Leads

a.      Each year Biofreeze receives 10 million requests for samples.  That’s over 1,141.55 per hour and chances are pretty good that some of those people are in your area and they are more than likely in pain.  With their new program BIOFREEZEUNLEASHED.COM they will send you samples with your info personalized on a brochure & they will send you leads when someone in your area requests a sample.      The service is free so make sure you register.

5.      Sign Up for

a.      Go to

b.      Click on link that says OUR PRODUCTS

c.       Click on Biofreeze

                                                              i.      There you can find articles & protocols that you can download and print off to use in your office or to send home with you patients.

6.      Take Advantage of Sales

a.      Biofreeze always has Semi-Annual sales in March & September.  When you take advantage of sales it allows you to either increase your margin or offer sales to your patients.  You can click here to view the current promotion


If you have tips, protocols, or just comments please email me at [email protected] or you can just reply to this email.


To Your Success,



P.S. Don’t miss the Biofreeze Sale that ends 9/30/14. Click Here to take advantage today

P.P.S. If you have fellow clinicians you feel could benefit from these tips, please share.  After all, we want everyone to succeed.