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Stopain Clinical Migraine & Headache

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Stopain Clinical Migraine & Headache is formulated to provide immediate, safe and effective penetrating pain relief.

Results from Frontiers in Neurology White Paper concluded a significant improvement in headache intensity by 2 hours after gel application.

The Study at Thomas Jefferson Headache Center shows that 2 hours after the application 52% had significant improvement by at least one severity level and 32% had no pain progression.

Active Ingredients & Targeted Relief Areas:

  • Mentholum - Front Headache Pain
  • Belladonna - Temple/Occiput Pain
  • Iris Versicolor - Sick Headache
  • Sanguinaria Canadensis - Back of Head Pain
Does Not Contain acetaminophen, addictive opiods, aspirin, caffeine or other NSAIDs

Directions for Use:

For best results use the entire contents of the packet and apply as soon as you feel discomfort. If after 30 minutes symptoms persist, apply a second packet.

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