I don’t know about you but I get 100s of emails a day and I am always skimming through to see if I can find that one Golden Nugget.  What’s a golden nugget you ask…

Google defines it as “a valuable idea or fact

I consider it a small piece of information that one can implement immediately and see positive results.

Well this tiny little tip has been a “golden nugget” for me and many of our clients over the years.  It is so simple yet extremely effective.  It basically channels your authority as a DC and helps you sell more pillows, and leaves your patients feeling more satisfied with your overall service.

So I know what you may be thinking… Why should I sell pillows in my office when they can buy a pillow down the street at the local box store or online?  The REASON is because everyone is different and one pillow does not fit all.  Besides, they came in to see you because they value your opinion and expertise and by carrying a selection of pillows in your office you are able to FIT them to the correct pillow.

Think about it this way who buys a mattress that doesn’t test 30 other mattresses first?  I know I don’t and I am sure you don’t either.  Now I am not saying you need to carry 30 different pillows just a few varieties will suffice.  I suggest having a selection ranging from those that cost the patient around $35 like the D-Core up to the higher end pillows like the Therapeutica and Royal Rest that will sell from around $100 to $135. 

After all, pillows are like cars: some want the least expensive one that still works well and some want the luxury models like the BMW or Mercedes.  

So now on to that Golden Nugget….

            This little tip is something I actually first learned from my mom who is a Chiropractor.  During the initial consult, she discusses how well they sleep and which positions they sleep in so she can go ahead and correct their habits if they are sleeping on their stomach.  She then explains to them that the type of pillow you sleep on is very important because when you are sleeping you are in one position for a long time and if your neck is not properly aligned you can cause long term damage.  She tells them to bring in their pillow from home at their next appointment so she can examine it and see if it fits them properly and is providing the proper cervical support.

9 out of 10 times when they bring the pillow in it is a low grade pillow that is flimsy and provides little to no support, or they are like some that shove 3-4 pillows under their neck at night.  For the 1 in 10 that has a good pillow she gives them her stamp of approval and the assurance that their pillow is providing proper support. 

For the other 9 she explains that how you sleep is extremely important and that once she treats them and gets their body aligned if they return home, and sleep on the same low grade pillow they are going to mess up that alignment.  She then tells them that she carries several types of cervical pillows and offers an opportunity to test them out.  If they are interested she takes them to the “pillow room” and lets them lie on several different types until they find one that fits them comfortably and provides the proper support. You can have them lie on the pillows with the plastic still on or you can use disposable pillow cases or towels.

Once they decide on the pillow they like she writes the name of the pillow on a pad and hands it to the patient.  The patient then takes the “prescription” to the front desk and her CA handles the payment and getting the pillow for the patient.  This is an important part to remember because you are the expert and the doctor and you don’t need to be seen as the salesperson but as the specialist making the recommendation. 


Well, I know that change can be difficult but just trust me and try this tip out and I promise you will see results.  Your bottom line will start looking better and your patients will be happier and sleep better.