Holiday Retailing: Top Sellers, New Items, and Display Tips

Josh Walker from Chiro1Source provides expert practice retailing tips

It is hard to believe that the holiday season is once again upon us! Over the last few years we at Chiro1Source have found that certain items do extremely well during the holiday season, and we wanted to introduce you to those products as well as some new items. Included are some tips and how-tos so you can implement the products easily into your clinics. If you haven't yet watched our retailing webinar yet, you can click here and view it.

Top Holiday Sellers

#1 Seller: The Omni Roller

I have had clients sell upwards of 6 cases a month during the holidays.  I urge you to buy a case of the Omni Rollers and give them a try.  Click here to view how to implement it into your clinic.

The Omni Roller is a great stocking-stuffer item for friends and family. After all, we could all use a little stress reduction in our lives.

Buy 10, Get 2 Free, plus Holiday Display Box


#2 Seller: Pillows


Tri-Core Pillows

Royal Rest Pillows

Pillows make great gift, which is why pillow sales always pick up around the holiday season.  The Chiroflow has a new holiday display box with their promotion of Buy 6 Get 1 Free.  To learn more tips about selling pillows in your office click here.

Chiroflow Buy 6 Get 1 Free + Holiday Display Box



#3 Seller: Back Saver Wallet

The Back Saver Wallet is a great gift for people who overstuff their wallets and then put it in their back pocket.  Over time, sitting on the wallet can cause some major issues in the low back and can contribute to sciatica.  The Back Saver Wallet is designed to be slim enough to easily fit in your front pocket and features slots to hold your cards as well as a money clip.  Here is a video that you can use in your clinic or to teach your staff about the importance of not sitting on a wallet.

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New Holiday Items

Now I want to introduce you to a couple newer items that I believe can be big sellers in your office this holiday season.



"First Step to Foot Relief" Kit

theraband-foot-relief-kitThis package is great for anyone who is suffering from foot pain.  It not only helps ease the pain but also helps the user rehab their foot and heel back to health.  The kit includes a Biofreeze Rollon, Thera-Band Foot Roller, Thera-Band resistance band, and an instructional manual.  It is the perfect gift for those on their feet all day or for people that regularly suffer from foot pain.

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Core MicroBeads

Core MicroBeads offer a great alternative to other moist heat therapy because they do not secrete water and they are microwaveable.  They provide moist heat therapy for up to 20-30 minutes.  It is a great gift for people who suffer from constant aches and pains as well as people with arthritis, fibromyalgia, cramping, or headaches.  I have had a lot of positive feedback on these, and some have even done away with their hydrocollators and transitioned to MicroBeads.  They come in three sizes: a cervical, 11x14 lumbar, and a small 5x12, offering you and the patient flexibility in the areas being treated.

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Displays and Wrapping

A great way to generate client interest is in your retail displays.  If you carry a product that does not feature a holiday display box, you can dress it up with a simple ribbon or festive bow.  I also recommend wrapping a few of the retail items for the patients that are doing last minute shopping or just don't like to wrap.  You can use simple pull-string bags for smaller items, such as BioFreeze and Omni Rollers.