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Tri-Core Pillows - Buy 5 Get 1 Free (Price is for all 6)

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Tri-core pillows are ideal for providing adequate support to your neck and to maintain correct posture while sleeping. These are premium quality, fiber filled pillows and the best cervical support pillows available in the market.

The pillows are designed to mold themselves around the neck and shoulders, making them pliable enough to be comfortable but still firm to provide adequate support to the area. The down-like feel of this pillow provides lasting freshness, excellent support and superior pillow life. The pillows are made of a special type of blended cotton that makes them breathable and soft.

These pillows are a perfect fit for both side and back sleepers. They are filled with a high resiliency fiber that springs back after being compressed. That means you don’t have to worry about leaving neck or shoulder impressions on the pillow after frequent use.

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