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VibraWav Pro Series
VibraWav Pro Series

VibraWav Pro Series

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Finally a great vibration machine that Oscillates instead of simply a vertical movement.
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For Each Machine you buy you will receive a free work-out poster.

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The VibraWav can help with:

-Weight Loss and Increased Metabolism
-Circulation Issues
-Balance & Proprioception
-Myofascial Release
-Bone Mineral Density
-Hormonal Improvements
-Chronic Pain

-Oscillating/Teetering Vibration

-This is a much more effective vibration than the typical vertical vibration. It helps interact with your balance and proprioceptors more effectively.

-Speed Range 5-50Hz

-You can adjust the speed from 5Hz all the way to 50Hz. This allows you to have the ability to treat a wide range of patients. From your fittest athletes to your patients who struggle with day-to-day activities.

-Amplitude 1-13 MM

-Depending on how far apart your feet are spaced you can experience very to amplitude to a high range at the farthest point

-User Weight Capacity 500lbs

-This will allow you to have the ability to help treat patients who are struggling with weight issues as well as treat patients who are not fit enough to partake in regular exercise

-Full Digital Readout that will show you your time, speed, and estimated caloric count

Item may also qualify for ADA Tax Credit for half of purchase price

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