Be Pain-Free With These Innovative Products

With advancements in technology and a deeper understanding of human biomechanics, a new wave of chiropractic products is transforming patient care, and we are proud to be at the forefront. Here are four of our most impactful products for healing and recovery.

Richmar REX: Muscle Recovery Technology
The Richmar REX provides a speedy and efficient solution for muscle soreness. Its unique four-part sequential leg compression system is designed to accelerate recovery. Its rapid compression enhances circulation and lymphatic drainage, relieving muscle fatigue.

The REX has a versatile pump, lower extremity sleeves, and adaptable air cells. Patients benefit from adjustable pressure settings, two treatment modes, and three-time options (10, 20, and 30) for a tailored experience. It even comes with a handy backpack to easily take wherever you go.

AIRfeetR RELIEF O2 Insoles: Comfort With Every Step
Stepping into comfort has never been easier with the AIRfeetR RELIEF O2 Insoles. At a remarkably thin one to two millimeters when compressed, these feather-light insoles fit into any footwear. They provide ergonomic comfort and can be cooled for extra soothing relief.

Users report relief from conditions like plantar fasciitis, poor circulation, flat feet, neuropathy, and even foot, ankle, lower back, and hip pain. The easy snip-and-unzip size trimming makes customization easy and can be used with orthotics. Removable, reversible (with varying colors), and machine washable make them easy to clean and care for, so you have long-lasting results.

HeartNSoles Blueline Insoles: Align, Revive, and Transform Your Walk
HeartNSoles Blueline Insoles encourage natural alignment and improved posture by aligning the feet into a more biomechanically efficient position. Consequently, they rejuvenate the feet and take pressure off sensitive areas.

HeartNSoles has a unique combination of soft, cushiony feel and shock-absorbing robust support. The cushion foam contours to the shape of your foot, providing all-day comfort and a tailored fit. The rubber bottom prevents slippage inside the shoe and extends the insole’s longevity.

Biofreeze: The Chill That Heals
Biofreeze provides fast-acting and long-lasting muscle and joint pain relief with a soothing cool. Various application methods are available to meet different needs. The Biofreeze Spray has a 360-degree application for hard-to-reach areas. The roll-on version allows for mess-free application, and the large patch offers targeted relief for eight hours. Flexible Relief Patches have strong adhesion and flexible fabric to stay in place on knees and other areas.