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Six Steps to Better Sales

Instead of just sending you a reminder of the special (which I am sure you have received from every vendor from here to Timbuktu), I thought I would give you some tips, protocols, and resources you can use in your clinic to help you sell Biofreeze or other analgesics.
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Posture Picture.. Are you using it?

Welcome back to our 3 email series on Posture. If you missed my last email “Bridging the Gap” click here to view it. In the first email, I explained how posture can give you the ability to reach more people, create more awareness about your services and chiropractic, and increase the number of patients who will convert from pain management to wellness care.
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Are you Bridging the Gap?

How many times have you been at a health screening, local event, or just talking to an acquaintance and began talking about subluxations only to see the person’s eyes glaze over?

 What if you could find a way to “Bridge the Gap” and tap into the knowledge that the person already has?

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No One Buys Square Balls!

I bet I caught your attention with that headline!

Now, I want you to think back to your childhood.  Do you ever remember playing any sports or childhood games with a square ball?

I can’t think of one single tennis, soccer, t-ball, or basketball game I played with a square ball and I am betting you can’t either.

So what does this have to do with chiropractic? Your Clinic? Your Staff? Your Patients?

Actually, it has a lot to do with them and the products you provide in your clinic.

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Retail Webinar Recording

Below is a recording of our Webinar on Retailing.  We do have a couple offers at the end; however, they are for a limited time so please call today to reserve your spot.  
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