Archies Flip-Flops in Charcoal

Archies flip flops are Unisex.

A pair of arch support flip flops so comfy and supportive, you’ll never want to take them off your feet!

Great adjunct to treatment: The flip flops are the perfect complimentary device for patients/customers who wear orthotics. Rather than walking around bare feet on hard floor boards and tiles, the flip flops can be worn as an in and around the house as a “slipper”. This enables the user to have a break from their shoes, giving their feet some much needed fresh air while still giving them substantial support. People absolutely LOVE this idea! Also, the flip flops are very useful for the first step morning pain associated with Plantar Fasciitis (fasciopathy)!

Non-flip flop wearers can often wear Archies: We receive an enormous amount of feedback from customers who have previously never been able to wear flip flops or who used to get pain from wearing flip flops but are able to wear Archies Flip Flops, often over impressive distances without issue! Once your patients/customers get used to them, they will never want to take them off their feet. Most people say that they simply cannot wear ‘normal flip flops’ after wearing Archies Flip Flops!

Impressive reviews from Healthcare Professionals and customers: The flip flops have received some impressive reviews from some of Australia’s leading Podiatrists and assorted Health Care Professionals who all agree that the flip flops are a great alternative to wearing typical flat flip flops. The flip flops have also been very popular with many of Australia’s elite athletes.