Aspire Nutrition Bio-Clear Detoxification

Bio-Clear is a powerful daily detox supplement. Our formula leverages the natural power of broccoli to stimulate production of sulforaphane, nature’s most powerful detoxification substance known to man. Bio-Clear contains a blend of patented ingredients and cofactors that work together to activate hundreds of your body’s defense system genes. Build resiliency, fortify your immune system, fight harmful inflammation, and expel dangerous toxins from your body on a daily basis, with Bio-Clear.

60 Capsules – Up to 2-Month Supply Depending on Weight



Benefits of Bio-Clear

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    Natural Detox*

    Bio-Clear combines powerful and natural detox substances with super concentrated antioxidants. Our formula is packed with ingredients that contain the essential elements (glucoraphanin) and enzymes (myronsinase) that stimulate nature’s most potent detoxification substance ever identified, sulforaphane.
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    Immune Support*

    Helps to optimize and maintain a healthy immune response.*
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    Anti-Inflammatory Support*

    Supports a healthy inflammation response.*
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    The cellular mechanisms linked to the biological activity of BroccoRaphanin® include a chemoprotective effect that is ascribed to sulforaphane. The chemoprotective effects of vegetables from the Brassica family, such as broccoli, are well documented. Scientific research to the mechanism of action highlights mainly the conversion of the precursor glucoraphanin into sulforaphane (SF) by an enzyme present in the gut microflora, myrosinase.
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    Healthy Agining*

    Aids your body’s natural defense against oxidative stress, free radicals, and cell damage.*
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    Autism Support*

    Sulforaphane has been clinically proven to show results in Autism. Studies have shown improvements in social interaction, verbal communication, and behavior (such as irritability, repetitive movements, hyperactivity). Ref:

Multiple Detoxification Pathways


Sulforaphane – Nature’s Most Powerful Detoxifer

Sulforaphane is one of nature’s most potent detoxifiers ever identified. Our formula is packed with ingredients that contain the essential elements (glucoraphanin) and enzymes (myronsinase) that stimulate the production of sulforaphane. Sulforaphane also stimmulates the production of glutathione, natures most powerful antioxidant.


BroccoRaphanin® – Broccoli Seed Extract

BroccoRaphanin® is a patented broccoli seed extract. It is a natural, highly concentrated source of glucoraphanin, which is the starting point for sulforaphane production.


Clinically Researched & 3X Potency

BroccoRaphanin®’s benefits are supported by clinical data and has been shown more than triple the potency of commercial broccoli seed.

Research has also shown eating broccoli alone does not contain enough of the compounds to be effective and the cooking process can render the enzyme needed for the conversion to sulforaphane ineffective.


Myronsinase Blend = 4X the Power!

The amount of glucoraphanin that can be converted to sulforaphane is limited to the amount of myrosinase available. Which is why we included a power house 4-ingredient myrosinase blend.

Our unique formula increases the production, bioavailablility, and effectiveness of sulforaphane, 4x more than most other sulforaphane based supplements.

Myronsinase Blend:

  • White Mustard Seed
  • Brassica oleracea var. gemmifera Leaf (Brussel Sprouts)
  • Collards Leaf (Collard Greens)
  • Wasabi Root

This blend is a potent source of myrosinase, aka the enzyme/activator that turns BroccoRaphanin® into sulforaphane.


Bilberry Fruit Extract – Super Antioxidant

Bilberries are a super concentrated, natural supply of antioxidants, anthocyanins and polyphenols, provides nutrients that help the body cope with stress, support immunity, and promote gut health. Bilberries have 4x higher antioxidant level than blueberries.

  • All Natural
  • Gluten Free
  • Non-GMO
  • Vegan

Supplement Facts

Serving Size: 2 Capsules
Servings Per Container: 30
BroccoRaphanin® Broccoli Seed Extract
300 mg
Bilberry Fruit Extract
200 mg
White Mustard Seed Powder
125 mg
Brassica oleracea var. gemmifera Leaf Powder
125 mg
Collards Leaf Powder
125 mg
Wasabi Root Powder
50 mg
† Daily Value (DV) Not Established
Other Ingredients: Rice Flour, Hypromellose (Capsule), L-Leucine
BroccoRaphanin® is a registered trademark of CS Health.