Aspire Nutrition Bio-Heal Pro+ Powder

The Most Advanced Probiotic And Gut Health Supplement supplement

Extra Strength Probiotics: 12 Strains and 26 Billion CFU’s

Our probiotics with prebiotics are packed with a powerful probiotic punch! Every serving contains over 26 Billion CFUs, and 12 unique strains that have been known to support digestive health, immune system support, and healthy levels of inflammation.

Strains include: S.Boulardii, L.Reuteri, L. Plantarum, B. Bifidum, B. Lactis, B. Longum, L. Acidophilus, L.Rhamnosus, L. Lactis, B. Breve, B. Infantis, L.Casei.

Clinically Proven Prebiotics: PreforPro®

PreforPro® is a powerful prebiotic. This bacteriophage is clinically proven to break down and clear out dangerous and damaging bacteria in the digestive tract; while providing nutrients and space, creating an environment for probiotics and healthy bacteria to flourish.

Think of it as a powerful fertilizer that gets rid of weeds while providing key nutrients in the soil to help plants grow strong and healthy.

Gut Lining Support

Our unique blend of ingredients blocks out dangerous pathogens and protects the digestive system from harmful toxins that disrupt digestion and cause inflammation.

Zinc as PepZinGI®

PepZinGI® is a powerful supplement that is also used as a prescription drug to treat ulcers in Japan and South Korea.

PepZinGI® is a specific chelate of zinc that has been clinically studied and demonstrated for its role in supporting stomach health and relieving symptoms of indigestion (such as, heartburn, nausea, upset stomach, belching, bloating, loss of appetite, and diarrhea).

PepZinGI® promotes a healthy stomach lining environment, helps relieve occasional gastric discomfort, maintains a healthy gastrointestinal environment and supports the health of gastric cells.

Deglycyrrhizinated (DGL) Licorice Root

DGL licorice root extract has been proven to soothe gastrointestinal problems, accelerate the repair of the stomach lining, and restore balance to the gut. DGL also fights inflammation and provides relief from heartburn, acid reflux, and nausea.

Mood Boosters: Inositol & DGL Licorice Root

Inositol is clinically proven to stimulate the “feel good” hormones serotonin and dopamine – making it a powerful supplement that can enhance mood and the overall feeling of “well-being.” So much so, that it is often prescribed as an alternative treatment for anxiety, depression and Bipolar disorder.

Plus: It supports healthy blood sugar levels and has antioxidant properties that fight the damaging effects of free radicals in the brain, circulatory system, and other body tissues.

DGL Licorice Root

DGL licorice root helps regulate cortisol (the stress hormone) and combats adrenal fatigue.

Brain Function Support: Citicoline

Known as “The Fountain Of Youth”: Studies have shown Citicoline helps raise levels of important neurotransmitters, increases mental energy, focus, and protects your brain from damage and aging.

Extra Strength Digestive Enzymes: Protease & Lipase

The role of digestive enzymes is primarily to boost nutrient absorption and aid digestion. These enzymes support the digestion of proteins, fats, and complex carbohydrates found in today’s processed foods.

Bio-Heal Pro+ is a ‘professional-strength’ probiotic for the entire family.  It is everything you love about Bio-Heal’s original formula but 2x the strength with upgraded and added ingredients for powerful support.  This ultimate gut health supplement is strong enough for adults seeking to rapidly reduce inflammation and optimize their digestive system, yet safe and subtle enough to support children too.