DNA Vibe Jazz Band Live

With Jazz Band’s Intelligent Light Therapy and four modalities including red light therapy, near-infrared light therapy, magnetic signals and micro-vibrations, you can get back to more of what you love. Reduce inflammation and pain while accelerating recovery without drugs or invasive procedures.

Our brand new Jazz Band Live is sure to become your new best friend!

Our brand new Jazz Band Live features all four modes of our Jazz Band “Live” (red, infrared, magnetic, and micro-vibration), but with the simplicity of push-button operation. Smart. It’s perfect for anyone desiring the full benefits of all four modes with total simplicity and ease of use. Click. Ahhh.


The Jazz Band Live uses the same exact Intelligent Light Therapy modes as its sibling the Jazz Band Vibe, emitting safe and effective levels of red light therapy, near-infrared light therapy, magnetic signals and micro-vibrations. These modalities have been proven through multiple double-blind clinical trials and are FDA approved to help with pain treatment of the joints and muscles.


The Jazz Band Live also supports three interchangeable powering options to maximize convenience and availability at home and on the go. The standard wall adapter (included with each Jazz Band Vibe purchase) plugs into the wall with a convenient 10-foot cord for unlimited power while enjoying a movie, reading a book, or working at the desk.  With the optional car adapter, it plugs into your car to turn drive time into Vibe time (traffic never felt so good!); and it plugs into the optional cordless power pack for unrestricted movement with an all-day run-time on a single charge (perfect for onsite use at health and fitness studios, moving freely about the home, or while on the go or at the club).


Whether you are suffering from knee joint pain, nagging tennis elbow or are looking for ankle recovery, the Jazz Band will become your new best friend.


What’s in the box:

  • Jazz Band Live
  • Wearable pouch
  • Short band (best for knees, ankles, wrists, elbows)
  • Long band (ideal for back or shoulders)
  • Power adapter
  • Quick start guide