FDA Registered Examination Table Rolls

Are your exam rolls FDA registered?

If they are not you may be buying face paper that allows bacteria and other viruses to run rampant. At Chiro1Source we offer Premium Tidi Paper Products so you don’t have to worry about whether or not your face paper has passed all the rigorous FDA regulations.

Every chiropractic practice needs examination rolls. The main purpose being to avoid contamination by germs and bacteria, examination rolls come in different sizes and also varied qualities. No chiropractor should ever compromise on the quality of examination rolls. Low quality rolls not only promote a greater risk of germ contamination but also break upon extended contact with skin.

The table examination rolls offered at Chiro1Source are of superior quality and make. They are sturdy yet non-abrasive and they inhibit any germ contamination. We house Tidi Paper products that are FDA approved so you can rest assured of the quality.

All table rolls are made of white high-quality medical-grade paper that fits a variety of table styles and preferences. A single set contains 12 rolls, orders with more than 1 case incur extra shipping charges. Order your stock now.