Mastercare Back-A-Traction Model A1

Inversion Table Shipping Flat Rate of $75

Shipping Flat Rate of $75
Frame Color: White
Color on back-rest and foot-rolls: Black
Model A:
Maximum Weight: 150 kg / 330 lbs.
For Supine and Prone Position
Thanks to the moving back-rest it allows Therapeutic Exercises in an unloaded re-aligned position in a mild inclination of 15 or 30 degree.
Treatments in Prone position while inverting, where the vertebrae are ‘opened up’ and easier to manipulate.
For Professional ‘hands on’, such as massage, adjustments and/or manipulations, the Accessory, Support Leg, SL1 must be attached for stability & warranty.

The Mastercaremso-bidi-font-family:”Times New Roman”;color:#303132″>® Swedish Back Care System naturally relieves the following:


·Pain in the lower back

·Neck pain

·Nerve root pressure

·Shoulder stiffness

·Muscle spasms

·Ankle-knee-hip dysfunctions

·Stiffness and inflammation of joints

This Swedish gravity traction table, with its patented sliding
backrest and self-controlled locking system,

uses the natural healing powers of gravity along with a system of simple
exercises to relieve and rehabilitate, as well as to help in the prevention
of chronic neck, shoulder, back and knee related problems.

Some benefits of the Mastercare® Natural Spinal
Decompression Gravity Inversion tables include:

Natural spinal decompression