Mastercare Back-A-Traction Model B1

Inversion Table Shipping Flat Rate of $80

Shipping Flat Rate of $80

Frame Color: White

Color on back-rest and
foot-rolls: Black Maximum Weight: 330 lbs.

For Supine Position only

Thanks to the moving back-rest
it allows Therapeutic Exercises in an unloaded re-aligned position – in a mild
inclination of 15 (or 30) degree.

for Home use!

The Mastercaremso-bidi-font-family:”Times New Roman”;color:#303132″>® Swedish Back Care System naturally relieves the following:


·Pain in the lower back

·Neck pain

·Nerve root pressure

·Shoulder stiffness

·Muscle spasms

·Ankle-knee-hip dysfunctions

·Stiffness and inflammation of joints

This Swedish gravity traction table, with its patented sliding
backrest and self-controlled locking system,

uses the natural healing powers of gravity along with a system of simple
exercises to relieve and rehabilitate, as well as to help in the prevention
of chronic neck, shoulder, back and knee related problems.

Some benefits of the Mastercare® Natural Spinal
Decompression Gravity Inversion tables include:

Natural spinal decompression