Omni Massage Rollers – Single or Display

Unique “omni-directional” ball combines superior function with ease of use. The comfortable grip reduces stress and fatigue on the hands and fingers without taking away the user’s ability to sense knows and restrictions in tissue. The Omni Roller diffuses the intensity of direct pressure, making deep tissue work more comfortable to the receiver. No internal parts to wear or corrode.

Display the benefits and generate sales of Omni Massage products with one of these attractive displays. Give your patients the chance to try the Omni Massage Roller themselves by displaying the products on your countertop. The Omni Roller Display Kit includes free brochures and our Home Health Catalog to educate patients and initiate discussion leading to sales.

The omni roller is an extremely effective massager that is easy on the hands. It is also one of our #1 retail items.

The display includes:

  • 12 Omni Rollers (assorted colors)
  • Pamphlets (that describes how the roller works)
  • Display Box (to help you promote the item)
  • Catalog (that includes other items from Core Products)

This item sells itself. We had two rollers in our warehouse for over 2 years and we never sold them. We took them to one show and used them on the doctors and staff and we sold 36 at one show. All you have to do is use the roller for 30 seconds to a minute after the adjustment and display the rollers in their case and they will sell themselves.

The key to the superior function of the Omni Massage Roller is its unique”omni-directional” massage ball.

Knots and restrictions can be felt in the tissue–similar to driving a car over a speed bump–this massager allows you to feel what is going on in the body.

With a long-lasting and durable construction, Omni Massage products can be used in the whirlpool or a soothing bathtub, as there are no internal parts to wear out or corrode.

For professionals, Omni products can be used in place of fingers, hands, and elbows.

Washing Instructions: All Omni Massage products can be cleaned easily with soap and water.