PCORE™ Multi – Functional Back Therapy: Ice + Heat + Support

Pcore Back Brace is an innovative and versatile support belt that’s designed for everyday use to help reduce lower back pain. It’s made of breathable mesh materials and extremely comfortable to wear— whether above or beneath clothing. Pcore Back Brace has an adjustable support pad that can be moved to different areas of the body, and it comes with a magnetic heat pad and ice pad— that’s three in one!

Pcore Back Brace focuses on pain relief, core activation training, waistline reduction, and posture improvement for the most efficient belt yet. The Pcore™ now includes a removable/adjustable self-heating magnetic support pad that can be used anywhere on the body for pain relief and increased circulation. Wear it whenever support and relief are the desired results.

Product Details
  • Materials Velcro, Ice Gel Pack, Rigid Plastic, Thread, Magnetic Tourmaline Stone, Breathable Mesh
  • Measurements 50.5″L x 11″W x 0.1″H
  • Posture Support Belt
  • Provides Pain Relief, Core Activation Training, Waistline Reduction, + Improved Posture
  • Extremely Lightweight, Comfortable, + Effective
  • Removable/Adjustable Self Heating Magnetic Support Pad
  • Removable Ice Gel Pack
  • Breathable Mesh Construction
  • Velcro Closure
  • Color: Black


  • Small: 34″L x 7.5″W x 0.1″H, 1.6 lb // Fits Waists 25″-30″
  • Medium: 40″L x 8″W x 0.1″H, 1.6 lb // FIts Waists 30-35″
  • Large: 44.5″L x 9″W x 0.1″H, 1.7 lb // Fits Waists 35″-40″
  • X-Large: 47.5″L x 10″W x 0.1″H, 1.8 lb // Fits Waists 40″-45″
  • XX-Large: 50.5″L x 11″W x 0.1″H, 1.8 lb // Fits Waists 45″+