PostureMedic Starter Package

Posture Medic Starter Pack


Buy 10 Braces Get 2 Free.  Price Includes Brochures, Stand, Posters and an assortment of PostureMedics

Please comment in the order comment box if you have specific styles and sizes you want.

Original Posture Medic™

Improve Your Posture! Stretch, Strengthen and Stabilize with one product!

Specifically designed to help people overcome poor posture habits and retrain the body to stand up straight with an easy Stretch – Strengthen – Stabilize program.

Using the Posture Medic™ for a short and simple 10 minute stretch and strengthen program that improves range of motion and upper body strength. This lets you straighten up and stand tall naturally.

Then, by wearing the Posture Medic™ as a dynamic brace, you retrain your body to maintain the ideal position:

  • Head up
  • Straighter neck & back
  • An open chest
  • Shoulders back & down


  • Extra Small – Baby Blue
  • Small – Red
  • Medium – Green
  • Large – Yellow
  • Extra Large – Black