Rehab Exercise Protocol Set

The Posture Rehab Exercise Protocol Set is a comprehensive package of the Posture Rehab Exercise Protocols, a practical and focused motion of over 20 exercise protocols easy to incorporate into practice.

The Posture Rehab Exercise Protocol Set is a comprehensive package of the Posture Rehab Exercise Protocols, a practical and focused motion of over 20 exercise protocols easy to incorporate into practice.

This program utilizes progressive core stabilization exercises to:

  • Improve results and retention
  • Increase patient participation
  • Stimulate referrals.

This package includes a step-by-step Posture Rehab Exercise Wall Protocol DVD, with visuals and detailed, precise instructions that cover exercise progression and common errors due to posture adaptations.

Also included are Posture Exercise Patient Handouts (CDROM) that detail instructions for Wall, Ball, Foam Roller, and Band exercises and their proper technique. Perfect for patients, these handouts can be customized to include practice contact information and can be printed in color, or black and white.

The perfect guide for Staff training, the Professional Training Manual is over 80 pages of illustrated information that provides instruction on Wall and Ball Protocols, with an addendum covering a series of exercises and stretches using foam rolls and bands. This manual outlines in detail the purpose of each exercise, correct positioning, and cueing tips. Also includes progressions, peel backs, clinical notes, and much more.

Included as a bonus in this set, a copy of Stand Taller ~ Live Longer: An Anti-Aging Strategy.

In Summary

The Posture Exercise Rehab Protocol Set includes everything you need to begin implementing the Strong Posture Exercise Protocols into your current practice. The included spiral bound manual gives you all the finite detail of the exercises, the logical order to teach them in, the details of instruction, how to cue the patient / client, starting position, breathing, what adaptations to look for and how to correct them, the reasoning, the purpose and the goal, and how to make the exercise easier (peelback) or more difficult (progression) to make the program customized for the body you are working with. The enclosed DVD further trains / instructs you via video.

The enclosed CD has all of the individual posture exercise instruction sheets. After teaching a particular exercise, give your client or patient the corresponding information sheet to take home and continue perfecting what they’ve learned. There is also a write in area for you to mark your instruction/expectation of repetitions, and a date for a “recheck” which will encourage compliance.

The handouts are provided to you on CD so 1. You have them forever, no need to purchase handouts from us – simply print as you need them, and, 2. Because you can customize the posture exercise sheets before printing them, Include your name and contact information and/or a message so the client/patient always has your information. These are great also when teaching a group or community class – you might show one simple exercise and give your group a handout to take home. A great “keeper” that doubles as your practice brochure. Print the posture exercise handouts in black/white or color.

Also included in the Posture Exercise Protocol Set is a copy of Stand Taller ~ Live Longer. Packed with patient education, posture assessment, posture anatomy and posture principles, this book will give you tons of information to share with your clients and educate them on the value of your services. The book is written to be a bridge between the professional and the general public. Many offices sell copies of the book in their office and refer current patients/clients to read assigned pages as a part of ongoing care using the Exercise & ADL Prescription Pad. (bulk discount offered on book/ Rx pad free with any multiple book purchase/customized foreword also available). This is the book on posture, posture exercise, balance and anti-aging.


If you have not yet completed a live or online Posture Practice seminar, we do require that you register for at least the first 3hr module of Posture Practice(online) at the time of your Posture Rehab Protocol Purchase. It is essential that everyone teaching the Strong Posture Rehab Protocol have a solid foundation in the concepts. After adding this item to your cart, you must add 1 or more modules from the online course prior to checkout. If you’ve already completed a live or online posture practice course through PostureZone or – please disregard – you’ve met the prerequisite.

The Posture Exercise Rehab Protocol Set is for certified/licensed health, wellness and fitness professionals. If we are not able to easily verify your ceritification/license status, we may require you to prove current credentials prior to filling the order. Failure to provide proof of current credentials may result in order cancellation at our sole discretion.

Please feel free to call, email or contact us through live chat for more information.

*Note: This item is included with CPEP Certification and the Complete Posture Practice Package