Royal Rest Original Foam Pillow (Sleep Like Royalty)

Premium Pillow Sold Exclusively By Health Care Professionals
The Royal Rest Pillow features:

  • Unique Two Lobe Design (Offering two different sizes so you don’t have to stock a bunch of pillows
  • Firm Core which keeps the structure of the pillow and a softer outer layer to provide a softer feel for the patient
  • Sold Exclusively through Health Care Professionals
    • So no more worrying about online retailers undercutting you
  • 3 Year Warranty
    • Allowing you to present the pillow as an investment to the patient
  • Made of a highly breathable material to limit sweating during the night
    • The average adult secretes between 400-500ml
    • With the air circulation of the Royal Rest that moisture is wicked away.
  • You can be listed on so patients can find local retailers
The Royal Rest was ranked #1 in a Scientific Study which you can view Click Here
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