TheraBand Elastic Resistance Accessories

Create an at-home gym with the TheraBand Accessories when combined with resistance bands and tubing. The Door Anchor allows any door to become an effective workout station and provides limitless opportunities for exercise. The Assist Strap provides a secure attachment point for use with bands and tubing. The Soft Grip Handles provide added comfort and versatility with the use of Non-Latex Bands. The Accessories Kit includes a Door Anchor, Assist Strap and a set of Soft Grip Handles. 

  • The TheraBand accessories increase the amount of exercise you can do combined with resistance tubing & bands
  • Creates versatility by allowing for multiple upper and lower body exercise when combined with resistance tubes and bands
  • Soft handles are comfortable for the hands and provide an easy, secure grip for bands or tubing
  • One assist strap end loops around an extremity, while the band or tubing is attached to the other end and is ideal for stretching, exercise, and rehabilitation
  • Door Anchor features nylon adjustable strap which securely attaches to door jam