Step Into Comfort: AIRfeet Moving Insole Floats Away Foot Pain

Hearing customers say your product feels weird is not always a good thing. But in the case of AIRfeet RELIEF insoles, that is exactly the reaction we want.

AIRfeet President Wayne Purcells displayed AIRfeet RELIEF 02 moving insoles at our Chiro1Source booth at the recent Parker Seminar convention in Las Vegas. Many of the roughly 700 chiropractors and other visitors who stopped by stepped onto AIRfeet’s floor-mounted AIRboard demo platform. Rocking back and forth on the platform’s two stationary AIRfeet insoles, they experienced the same sensation as if they were wearing the insole.

One woman started laughing when she tried the AIRboard because she could not explain the sensation. “This is just weird,” she said. That is exactly what the AIRfeet package promises — the “best weird feeling.” As the wearer shifts their weight or moves the foot, the air inside the insole moves, creating a massaging effect that stimulates circulation and provides ergonomic comfort for people with plantar fasciitis, flat feet, neuropathy, foot, ankle, or lower back pain.

The insoles were a hit among visitors to our booth, many of whom had sore feet from walking around at the 320,000-square-foot Caesars Forum Event Center. Some even bought AIRfeet the first day and then returned for more pairs or starter packs, saying their feet had been killing them until they slipped the insoles into their shoes. AIRfeet insoles are affordable and can be used as a complement to any orthotic device or simply slipped over a shoe’s insole.

We recently began offering 20-pack and 40-pack AIRfeet RELIEF 02 Starter Packages. The product comes in two sizes that can be trimmed to fit any user, eliminating the need for chiropractors to carry a large inventory with various sizes. The company also provides single-insole samples and other helpful sales tools, including brochures and counter displays. Call us if you’d like more information about AIRfeet RELIEF 02 insoles or our new Starter Package sets, or click here to shop! We have had excellent feedback on this product and will be happy to provide more information.