2 Products to Improve Your Patients’ Sleep and Increase Your Revenue!

It always irks us to see patients taking photos of products in doctors’ office waiting rooms. After all, chiropractors like you are trying to generate revenue with those products — and when a patient takes a photo, it’s obvious they plan to buy the item on Amazon later!

It’s tough to prevent this price shopping, but there are ways to get around it. One of the best options is stocking items from brands that won’t compete with you by hawking their products online. Our brand Chiro Zzzz’s is a great option! The products we sell under Chiro Zzzz’s aren’t available on Amazon or other websites like it. That means if a patient falls in love with a Chiro Zzzz’s product in your office, they have to buy it from you.

Of course, we know security alone isn’t enough to make a product worth selling. That’s why we also keep our wholesale prices low and give you a recommended markup that works for other clinics nationwide.

If you want to test this model and see if it does in fact increase your revenue, we recommend stocking up on the Chiro Zzzz’s Travel Roll and Deluxe Cervical Pillow first. Both of those products are bestsellers (you might have noticed them in our Chiropractor’s Choice Mini Catalog), and they’re both made in the USA. The bone-shaped Travel Roll is convenient to slide behind the neck or between the knees while traveling, and it comes with an adjustable strap to easily attach it to a chair or car seat.

The Deluxe Cervical Pillow is about as firm as a tri-core pillow, and it also offers an oval-shaped cutout and two unique cervical lobes. Combined, those features help relieve headaches, neck spasms, and snoring; reduce neck and shoulder pain; and provide comfort and support for back and side sleepers.

When you’re ready to stop losing sales to Amazon and boost your monthly sales, click here to check out our Chiro Zzzz’s products!