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A New Way to Cash In on Patient Demand for Gummy Vitamins – ReCreate’s CBD Gummies Are Now Available in Trial Packs!

You’ve probably noticed that when it comes to taking vitamins and other supplements, your patients prefer gummies to swallowing pills. According to one recent survey, a full 67% of 18–35-year-olds pick gummies over other types of vitamins! Older patients love them, too — so much so that by 2028, the gummy vitamin market should be worth almost $9.5 billion.

Now, we have a new way for you to cash in on that popularity in your clinic. Our go-to CBD gummy supplier, Charlotte’s Web, recently launched a brand-new line of organic broad-spectrum CBD gummy products called ReCreate. They’re formulated specifically for physically active people — like many of your patients.

ReCreate is National Sanitation Foundation (NSF) Certified for Sport. It’s also the official CBD of Major League Baseball and the Professional Lacrosse League! How cool is that? We’re offering four gummies in the ReCreate line right now, including:

Endurance — A gummy to improve alertness, energy, and athletic performance with ingredients like beetroot and organic green tea extract (a great source of natural caffeine).

Brain Support — A gummy to support mental fitness (think brain health, focus, etc.) that leverages the memory-enhancing power of lion’s mane mushrooms.

Muscle Recovery — A gummy to help patients bounce back after workouts that includes the anti-inflammatory properties of tart cherry.

Rest — A gummy formulated to promote calm and better sleep. It uses passionflower instead of melatonin as its main active ingredient, offering an alternative to typical natural sleep aids.

These four ReCreate gummies aren’t just for top athletes. The NSF Certified for Sport designation is just an extra level of reassurance that what you and your patients see on each bottle’s label is exactly what’s in the products.

“We designed ReCreate for professional athletes and jumped through hoops for NSF Certification to ensure it’s on their approved substance list — but these gummies are also for the everyday casual athlete and the fitness guru,” says Charlotte’s Web Director of Distribution Brian Grosso. “I’m personally using Brain Support on a regular basis, and I’m not incredibly active.”

Charlotte’s Web is one of just a few CBD companies pioneering products in the NSF Certified for Sport niche. All the ReCreate gummies are made with broad-spectrum CBD extract created through a proprietary process. That means they’re truly THC-free and safe for everyone — including first responders and long-haul truck drivers who have to steer clear of THC for work. Your patients won’t have to worry about euphoric effects or feeling out of control when they take ReCreate. Instead, they can relax and enjoy the health benefits.

As for you, you don’t have to buy a crazy amount of ReCreate to test how well these gummies sell in your clinic. If you want to try them out, Charlotte’s Web senior director of global medical sales, Matt Storey, recommends purchasing each product in a PDQ (or “product displayed quickly”). Each PDQ package includes six pouches of six gummies each for a total of three servings per pack. If you’re selling Charlotte’s Web’s other products in your office, you’ve already worked with this setup!

“Our 6-count packages allow chiropractors to drive patient trials better than they ever have,” Matt says. “The patient will get an enjoyable experience at a low price point, and we’ve formulated the gummies so they aren’t left guessing about the effect. They can take a one-pouch trial, see a shift, and determine if the product works for them.”

PDQs for the Brain Support, Endurance, Muscle Recovery, and Rest gummies are available right now on Check them out when you’re ready to boost your revenue and help your patients feel as fit as MLB athletes!