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5 Approved Chiropractic Activities for Summer Time

There’s so much to love about summer: warm temperatures, leisurely days, time spent playing sports, or simply enjoying the outdoors. But as summer and all that comes with it beckons you, remember to prioritize your spinal health and overall well-being!

So, what are some approved chiropractic activities for summertime so you don’t miss out on the warm weather and sunshine? We have you covered with five activities that help you stay active, healthy, and pain-free.

Take a Dip

Swimming is an excellent full-body workout that’s gentle on the joints and spine. Water provides resistance as you swim, helping strengthen your muscles. But the impact on your body is reduced thanks to the water’s buoyancy. That makes swimming the perfect way to enjoy the sun and stay fit. This low-impact activity promotes relaxation, improves flexibility, and enhances cardiovascular health.

Whether braving open ocean water, swimming laps in a pool, or joining a water aerobics class, swimming is the perfect way to enjoy summer while protecting your spine.

Stretch It Out

Yoga, pilates, or any other stretching or mobility exercise strengthens your core muscles, promotes proper alignment and posture, and improves flexibility – all essential for spinal health. You don’t need to be a pro to enjoy these benefits; even beginners can feel the results! 

These mind-body practices have the added benefit of reducing stress. That can help relieve spinal tension, discomfort, and stiffness. To make this activity extra summer-friendly, look for outdoor classes, like yoga in the park, or check out these at-home stretches you can do in your backyard.

Go for a Stroll

Like swimming, walking is another excellent low-impact activity. Walking engages your core muscles, promotes proper posture, and improves spinal flexibility whether it be a leisurely stroll around the block or a more challenging mountain hike. 

Now you have even more reason to check out that local farmer’s market or take the dog for a walk! Just wear the correct supportive footwear for whatever walking or hiking adventure you have planned.

Head Out on a Bike Ride

Going for a bike ride engages leg and core muscles, which help support your spine. Make a day trip out of it by hitting up a nearby mountain trail. If you’re looking for something that requires less effort, a relaxed ride around the block works too!

Wherever you decide to enjoy a bike ride, pay attention to your posture and have a bike that fits your frame to prevent strain.

Catch some Zzzs in a Hammock

Who doesn’t love a good afternoon nap? Rest those eyes while kicking back in a hammock. A staple during any summer, hammocks offer impressive flexibility that helps relax the body and joints and can even help fight inflammation. Plus, it promotes blood circulation, so grab your favorite book, kick back, and enjoy.

Enjoy a Pain-Free Summer With Help From Chiro1Source

Enjoy fun, sun, and spinal health with these chiropractor-approved summertime activities, and browse our wide range of products to be pain-free year round!