Chiro1Source_Why Investing In A Good Quality Table Is Worth It For Your Chiropractic Office

Why Investing In A Good Quality Table Is Worth It For Your Chiropractic Office

Your table is the foundation of your practice, and while it may be tempting to cut corners on equipment costs, a good quality table is not only “worth it,” it’s essential. Here, we’ll take a quick dive to uncover the benefits this investment has on patient care, your technique, and the overall success of your chiropractic office. 

Improved Technique

When you work with inferior tools, you must compensate for their limitations. That means you must expend more time and energy to give patients the care they deserve. Invest in yourself and your patients by using a quality table. This will allow you to perform your job more efficiently and work with ease and confidence—without working around the limitations of poor equipment. 

Streamlined Workflow  

Poor equipment not only forces you to work harder, but it also disrupts workflow. This is especially true in multi-practitioner clinics, where chiropractors with different techniques and preferences work on the same bench.

A customizable bench that suits each practitioner’s height, technique, and patient needs will streamline your workflow, save time, and ensure you deliver the right care plan for each patient. 

Improved Patient Outcomes 

Chiropractic work is physically demanding on both the practitioner and the equipment. Look for a table that offers stability, support, and comfort. Your table should provide ample cushioning to maximize patient comfort and ensure they relax during treatment. The more comfortable the patient is, the more likely they will continue treatment. 

Types of Chiropractic Tables 

There are many types of chiropractic tables, but here are a few of the most common:

Stationary Tables

These tables do not have any motorized or hydraulic parts and are generally simply designed. They are ideal for chiropractors who use manual adjustment techniques and prefer a firm surface. 

Elevation Tables

If you work in a multi-practitioner clinic or need to frequently adjust the table’s height to accommodate patient requirements, you may prefer the convenience of an electric table, which adjusts with foot pedals. 

Drop Table 

These tables are a chiropractic mainstay, allowing users to raise or lower different sections of the table to make patient adjustments. When a section is raised, the chiropractor applies pressure on the body until that section “drops” back into place. 

Roller Tables 

Beneath the table are a series of rollers you can adjust to different heights. These rollers move along the length of the spine to promote healing and recovery.

Hylo Tables

These are another type of drop table that can be tilted vertically. They are ideal for patients with mobility issues who struggle to lie down, as they can position themselves on the table while it is in a standing position and then move into a lying position.

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