Parker Seminars: Empowering Chiropractors Worldwide

I always learn so much at events featuring the latest clinical practices, innovative new products, and patient-centric strategies. I return armed with new ideas and products I can offer clinicians to help them improve patient care and increase revenue. One of the most significant events in the chiropractic field is coming up this month — the annual Parker Seminars in Las Vegas on February 22–24. This international conference is expected to attract as many as 5,000 chiropractors, chiropractic staff members, and other health care professionals to hear about the latest advancements in chiropractic care. This massive event is an excellent opportunity for me to showcase some of our exciting products, find other new items to add to our lineup, and gather feedback from clinicians about new ways to help patients recover more quickly and increase revenue.

I’ll be showing our AIRfeet moving insole, for example, which stimulates the muscles and circulation from the lower back down through the legs. This innovative product improves safety and reduces pain for marathon runners, firefighters, and others who spend a lot of time on their feet. Wayne Purcells, the president of AIRfeet, will be at the seminar, and I look forward to hearing feedback about AIRfeet from clinicians at the event. I’ll also be showing our Richmar REX four-part leg suppression system, which speeds recovery by boosting circulation and lymphatic drainage; the HeartNSoles Blueline Insoles, which align feet into a more biomechanically efficient position; and our Biofreeze Professional topical analgesic products.

The Parker Seminars are unique in the field. I spoke to Phyllis Frase-Charrette, Director of Continuing Education and Corporate Partnerships for Parker Seminars, to learn more. She says James W. Parker, a successful chiropractor himself, held the first gathering 65 years ago in Dallas to provide chiropractors with solutions to their marketing and management challenges. Since then, the Parker Seminars have blossomed into the most significant chiropractic event in the world, attracting professionals across the United States, Canada, and Europe.

The programs include a compelling lineup of speakers and plenty of networking and entertainment opportunities to ensure every participant has an engaging and informative experience, Phyllis says. Past headliners have included Daymond John of “Shark Tank” fame, actor Gary Sinise, and athletes Michael Phelps and Tim Tebow.

Additional Parker Seminars are held annually in Dallas and Florida. Since the seminars began, an affiliated college opened in 1978. Parker University has expanded to offer a doctorate program in chiropractics and master’s programs in neurology and other health care fields. I’m excited to be part of this great program and look forward to sharing what I learn! If you’d like more information about the program, visit their website,, or the organization’s YouTube channel, @ParkerSeminars.