Boost Your Team’s Productivity AND Your Revenue By Taking Charge of Your Digital Tools

What if we told you that you could add an extra day of productivity to your clinic’s work week — without increasing anyone’s pay or adding to your utility bills? According to author, productivity expert, and Leverage CEO/Founder Nick Sonnenburg, this isn’t just possible; it’s easy! All you need to do is rethink the way your team uses online tools like email, Slack, and Asana.

“Many employees spend 40–50 hours a week using these tools with no training,” Nick explains. “No one knows what to do with them, and when they do, they might only get 10% of the value of the tools instead of 80%–90%. When you align your team on not just how but when to use these tools, you can quickly save more than one business day, per week, per employee in your company.”

As Josh mentioned on in his previous post, Nick literally wrote the book on this topic: “Come Up for Air: How Teams Can Leverage Systems and Tools to Stop Drowning in Work.” When we sat down with him to talk about his book and Leverage’s Zero Inbox course, he told us that rethinking how you, your receptionist, and your marketing team use your digital workspace is a win for everyone.

“Giving people back a day [of productivity] a week helps them feel happier and less stressed. There’s less burnout, and you get higher quality work and more output with less money wasted on hiring new people,” Nick says. “You also avoid paying for recruiting, onboarding, training, and salarying those people. Imagine getting 20%–30% more [work] out of every person in your company. If your payroll is $1 million per year, that’s a $200,000–$300,000 savings on human capital!”

When you’re ready to rethink how your team uses your digital tools, Nick recommends starting with email. It’s easy for your team members to waste 3–5 hours per week on decluttering their inboxes, and inefficient email use can lead to thousands of wasted dollars if they miss a patient question or physician referral.

Leverage’s Inbox Zero course can make you email masters. Click here to check out