The Various Advantages of IST Tables in Chiropractic Clinics

In chiropractic care, an intersegmental traction (IST) table, also known as a roller table, is used to move the spine and return the body to its appropriate range of movement.

By gently moving the spinal column and simultaneously stretching the other parts of the spine that have an impact on its health, especially the muscles and ligaments, the intersegmental traction table accomplishes several jobs at once. 

The alterior muscles function to strengthen the structure and musculature of the spine while assisting with posture and optimal alignment. 

The musculoskeletal system, particularly the spine, is supposed to be adjusted structurally utilizing the hands in the chiropractic care field.

However, therapy involves much more than simply the hands, and many people overlook the fact that chiropractic care is delivered using a wide range of tools. The table on which the adjustments are made is one of the primary pieces of equipment employed.

The sections below will show more benefits of getting an IST table for your chiropractic clinic.

Effect on the Body

The cerebrospinal fluid is transported throughout the body by the movement of the spine, and the discs between the vertebrae of the spine need the nutrients that are carried by the cerebrospinal fluid. 

Without this fluid moving properly, the spine is not getting the right amount of nutrients, which can cause disc degeneration and poor vertebral bone health. 

In order to ensure that the spine is correctly aligned and that the cerebrospinal fluid may flow through the required channels, an intersegmental traction table is essential.

The chiropractor can precisely alter the patient’s movements thanks to the rollers beneath the table’s surface. Using it allows the chiropractor to gradually correct the patient’s alignment rather than running the danger of doing so too forcefully, which could result in further damage. 

The table is appropriate for people of various shapes and sizes, so there is no need to be concerned that the patient won’t be comfortable or properly suited.

The intersegmental traction table is essential for the delivery of chiropractic care. There is often no concern that equipment design complacency will take hold because advancements in chiropractors’ tools are always occurring.

Mechanics of the Roller Table

Your mobility may be hampered by misaligned spine joints because they prevent fluid from flowing around the joints. Your spinal discs must circulate fluid to get the required nutrients. 

Your long-term range of motion may be impacted by the discs’ eventual weakening due to disturbed fluid circulation.

The roller table assists by stretching the spinal joints and enhancing motion by generating motion. It accomplishes this by extending the muscles and ligaments while also mobilizing the spinal column. 

The rollers beneath the table’s surface softly roll up and down the spine when the patient is lying face up on it.


Regular use of a roller table is not just advantageous for athletes. This device can also be used by those who are routinely active or have back injuries to strengthen and regain their spine’s range of motion.

The rehabilitation process from a back injury has been markedly hastened by consistent usage of the intersegmental traction table. The roller table effectively and gently restores the spine’s normal range of motion.

It aids in reducing muscle spasms that may be brought on by damaged spinal discs or weak postural muscles. Your spinal discs, ligaments, and muscles receive more blood and oxygen as a result, which might enhance your balance and strength

Finally, all body types, including minors, can use the table, which can be adjusted to the patient’s comfort.

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