Still Missing DoctorInsoles? A Replacement Is Here! Meet our NEW BRAND, HeartNSoles.

If your patients loved the DoctorInsole orthotic insoles and you still miss selling them in your clinic, we have good news: We’ve created a new insole just as functional and even more affordable!

Our Chiro1Source team designed this product in-house because after scouring the market for an insole that met our customers’ needs, we couldn’t find one. Then we had a thought: “Why not make the ideal product ourselves?” The HeartNSoles brand took about a year and a half to develop, but its first product — Blueline Cushion Foam Insoles — is finally here!

After stocking DoctorInsole for years, we learned a few valuable lessons that helped us formulate this replacement. Many of the chiropractors we serve noted the DoctorInsole came in so many sizes that it was hard to keep them all in stock, and the price point was a bit high. Our new insole option, the Blueline, solves both of those problems!

Unlike DoctorInsole, the Blueline is a unisex product similar to our popular Archies flip-flops. That means you don’t have to stock separate size ranges of insoles for men and women in your clinic. The same insole will work for both a women’s size 10 or a men’s size 8, for example, saving you ordering hassle and shelf space.

On top of that perk, the Blueline also sells at a static retail price: $99. This gives you more flexibility to offer discounts, specials, and other price adjustments than you had with DoctorInsole. As a bonus, for every HeartNSoles product we sell to you, we’ll donate 10 meals to a family in need. Feel free to add that to your advertising — your patients will feel the $99 price is even more worthwhile! We suggest encouraging them to purchase a pair of insoles for each of their favorite shoes, since they’re so much more affordable than a custom option.

Last but not least, we’re also proud of the fact that HeartNSoles products, including the Blueline, are manufactured right here in the United States! Our factory in Ohio is top-of-the-line and all American. The insole itself includes a vegan suede grip to keep it in the shoe; a blue memory foam cushion in the center made from high-density, shock-absorbing material (that’s the origin of the Blueline name!); and a polypropylene shell for maximum correction and support.

The Blueline is a great over-the-counter product and a fantastic alternative for patients who don’t need or can’t afford a custom insole. It’s an important step toward relieving low-back pain, hip and knee pain, sciatica, Achilles tendinitis, plantar fasciitis, and many more musculoskeletal issues. The Blueline can also fit into just about any shoe, including work boots, tennis shoes, and everything in between. With these insoles on your shelf, you can boost your revenue and save your patients a trip to the local running store at the same time.

We just launched the HeartNSoles Blueline Cushion Foam Insoles on our website in July, and they’re already selling fast! Click here to shop and snag yours before inventory runs low.