Stroop Spine 78 Station Kit

Say goodbye to pain and discomfort with Stroops! Our resistance straps are designedto help chiropractors and their patients improve their range of motion and relieve pain.Whether you’re in the office or at home, Stroops are the perfect tool for anyone lookingto achieve optimal spinal health.With adjustable resistance levels, you can tailor your therapy to meet your specificneeds. Our durable straps are made from premium materials, ensuring a safe andeffective therapy experience. With Stroops, you’ll be able to target any muscle groupthat is causing discomfort, from your neck and back to your hips and legs.Get ready to take your chiropractic therapy to the next level. Try Stroops today andexperience the relief for yourself

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Quantity SKU Item Description
1 CHINUPBAR Cinup bar storage rack
1 SPINE78 78″ Spine
2 GRIPHANDLE Textured Grip Handle
2 SS24VL-O4 24″ very light Orange Slastix®
2 SS24L-O4 24″ light Orange Slastix®
2 SS24M-O4 24″ medium Orange Slastix®
2 SS24H-O4 24″ heavy Orange Slastix®
1 FSPALB Fit Sitk Pro Bar
2 ANKKSTR25 Ankle Strap
1 UNSWBELTXL 68″ Belt with Triangle Clip