Superieur Electrolyte Drink Mix

A light, refreshing electrolyte drink with zero sugar. It’s the most complete electrolyte formula on the market and includes sea salt, sea minerals and real vitamin C.

  • Some carbs are needed to take the electrolytes/minerals through the stomach to the small intestine to enable absorption. Many brands have “no carbs” which results in no meaningful mineral absorption.

  • Vitamin C from real fruit – most brands use “lab-made” vitamin C like calcium ascorbate or ascorbic acid.

  • We use the plant stevia which contains minerals including magnesium and other electrolytes. No super sweet, metallic after-taste because we don’t use erythritol. If milligrams of stevia are not listed in the Supplement Facts box and it is in “other ingredients” it is not stevia the plant, but a lab-made sweetener made with ethanol and methanol in a patented 42-step process. This is called Rebaudioside A, Reb A or organic stevia.

  • We use the same sodium/potassium ratio from nature ie. 8 oz. of raw Spinach. Most brands use an unnatural ratio of too much salt and not enough potassium.

  • We use Himalayan sea salt, which has over 80 minerals. Most brands use sodium chloride (table salt with just 2 minerals).

  • Bamboo stem extract for electrolytes and silica which is good for the eyes, skin and hair.

  • Our magnesium comes from inland sea water which also contains other electrolytes and magnesium and other naturally occurring trace minerals. Most brands use magnesium made in a lab.

  • We use organic white rice. These carbs are needed to carry the electrolytes/ minerals through the stomach where they can then be absorbed in the small intestines.

  • Most of our flavor is from acerola berry, which is a tart cherry. We also use the “essence” or smell of the listed fruit. Additionally, the other two plant extracts (stevia, bamboo stem) and the 2 sea salts all contribute to the taste.

  • Non-GMO, gluten-free, and vegan.