You CAN Beat Amazon! A New Tool to Stop Price Shopping

I have a love-hate relationship with Amazon. On the one hand, recurring deliveries are a great way to make sure I always have dog food for Hershey and Rock. It’s so convenient to come home to regular bags of food on my doorstep! On the other hand, Jeff Bezos and his crew take money out of chiropractors’ pockets every single day.

I’m sure it has happened to you. You show a patient a product, and they say, “I’ll think about it” — then look up similar items on Amazon on their way out the door.

This price-based shopping can be frustrating, especially when you stock brands from Chiro1Source that are better than what your patients can buy online. Most chiropractors I work with worry about losing sales and watching their margins erode. So, I’ve been brainstorming solutions: And I think I came up with a good one!

This spring, my team and I launched a brand-new mini catalog for our clients called “The Chiropractor’s Choice.” It’s a 23-page booklet that includes all our bestselling products across 15 brands. I designed the catalog specifically for your waiting room. You can put a few copies there for patients to look through, and inside, they’ll find highlights for every product — without the pricing. You can demonstrate the product to your patient without worrying about the dollar-based competition.

It also helps that the catalog only includes high-demand and high-margin products. That means your patients will get a fair price for a product they need — and so will you! This strategy should help you not only sell more but also make more on every sale.

You also don’t have to worry about your patients putting down the catalog when they run into sections about chiropractic tables and cleaning supplies. We created the booklet with them in mind, so it only includes products that will help with their pain and make their lives easier. It’s also clear that every item in the book comes with a doctor’s seal of approval (unlike that pillow from Alibaba).

If you want to learn more about the products featured in “The Chiropractor’s Choice,” you can check out my YouTube channel. I’m making one video for each item in the catalog. I unbox a different product in each video and give you tips for promoting it successfully.

If you ordered from us recently, you might already have a copy of “The Chiropractor’s Choice” in hand. We’re including them in all of our outgoing orders, but you can always ask for more, too. Just call our office to make the request. We’d love to add more copies to your next box of products!

Cheers to beating Amazon,

Josh Walker