See The Back Vitalizer on Video! A Peek at Josh’s New YouTube Series

It’s time for your patients to get rid of their exercise balls! A better and more versatile alternative is now available: The Back Vitalizer. This inflatable, adjustable ergonomic device does double duty as a seat cushion and lumbar support. That adaptability is one of many perks that have made it a bestseller on

We recommend selling The Back Vitalizer to patients with back pain or proprioceptive issues. It’s the first and only clinically tested ergonomic cushion proven to immediately reduce back pain in more than 91% of patients. Plus, using it has other benefits. Sitting on the cushion builds core strength and improves balance, and both of its uses promote proper posture.

If you follow Chiro1Source’s Chiropractic Supplies channel on YouTube, you’re probably familiar with The Back Vitalizer already! A few weeks ago, Josh posted a video explaining its benefits, why it’s a smart investment for chiropractors, and how to sell it in your clinic.

The video is part of a new series where Josh unboxes every product in our freshly released “The Chiropractor’s Choice” mini catalog. In this article, we’ve only scratched the surface of The Back Vitalizer’s perks, so the video should be your next stop if you want to learn more.

Haven’t seen the video yet? CLICK HERE to watch it on YouTube now. It’s only two minutes long and packed with helpful information. When you’re done, check out the rest of the series. If you have a question about one of our most popular high-margin products, Josh has probably answered it.